Students for the 2017 Design Residency will look at how to support outdoor event venues so that a multi-million dollar investment does not end up with a backdrop of unattractive amenities. They will examine these spaces - restrooms, concessions, and shade - and design new amenities that are portable, contemporary and aesthetically pleasing, while still proving cost effective. The initial site and focus will be at Water Works Park, as this is a hub of activity and events in downtown Des Moines. The amenities must be at once visible and accessible, but also somewhat inconspicuous and private. Most importantly, all of these amenities must be there when we're hungry, seek shade's embrace or respite in the least opportune of times.

Join us for the students' final design presentation for a chance to learn about these new designs and how they could be used in your downtown, event space and park. The students will present their findings at a public reception on Friday, October 20th at 4:00 pm at our office at 301 Grand Avenue.
For more information on this event, please contact us.


RDG's 2017 Residency program is looking for a new class of the top graduate students to participate in our FOUR day Collaborative Design Workshop in Des Moines, Iowa

To sign up contact:
Pedro Garcia and/or Hans Klein-Hewett

Send a letter of interest, your resume and a design portfolio if applicable.
Registration open now through September 11th.