Educare Arizona

Phoenix, AZ

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Architecture Overview:

The climate and outdoor environment of the Phoenix area greatly influenced the design of this early learning facility. With the ability to consistently utilize the outdoor environment, the design of Educare Arizona evolved from a connection to the exterior. The early learning classrooms are internally focused around an outdoor courtyard, which gives the early learning center a sense of security for these young children. The courtyard functions as multi-age, outdoor classrooms and play areas for the children. A strong connection is created between the interior of the classrooms and the outdoor spaces of the courtyard through large window walls as well as upper, clerestory glazing. Additionally these window areas flood the classrooms with abundant natural light which in turn reduce the need for electrical lighting. Respect for the locales' strong sun exposure was provided through the use of large overhangs that double as exterior hallways and covered exterior play areas.


Interior Design Overview:

Sustainability Overview:

  • CLIENT: Educare Arizona
  • COMPLETE: August 2011
  • SIZE:
    5 Acres
    • GBCI - LEED Silver - 2012
    • ENR Southwest - Merit Award - 2012
  • SUSTAINABLE: Certified LEED for New Construction v3.0 - Silver
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