the weight of your heart / the weight of a feather

Leawood, KS

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Art Studio Overview:

“the weight of your heart/the weight of a feather” speaks to the origins of the concept of justice. A specific image depicts a scale or fulcrum, representing the idea of balance and judgement. The weight of the heart (soul) is lighter than or equal to the feather of truth, the symbol of the goddess MAAT, or “truth.”

Lighting Design Overview:

All three structural artistic elements are subtly illuminated using concealed and recessed warm color LED sources, which serves to advance the work's narrative and highlights the rugged beauty of the stone, metal, and steel. The success of this art work is realized through thoughtful integration of light into the structure as a building material, co-equal with the other tangible elements.

  • CLIENT: City of Leawood, Kansas
  • COMPLETE: June 2017
  • SIZE:
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