Let's Create Meaning Together

The tallest human pyramid was 39-feet high. We’re not looking to break that record, but we do think a human pyramid is a great way to talk about what it’s like to work at RDG. Our organization is built on the idea that we’re better when we support each other and when we work together for a greater good.

With six locations, more than 190 employees, and work in 48 states, RDG has the resources of a large, national firm. But that doesn’t mean we treat you like a number. We believe in supporting and encouraging our employees, focusing on mentorship and professional development that’s tailored to you and your goals.

But don’t take this website’s word for it, see what the people who work here say:

Though they didn't know it at the time, I chose the RDG family during a class in college. RDG was the only firm whose presenters spoke to the organization's culture, who explained what was important to the company and at the individual employee level: health, family, community and a strong passion to create high-quality design. It's one thing to boast about the work you do - it's another to take pride in the how and the why. RDG's how and why is evident every day, and the reason I'm passionate about what I do and why I continue to be a part of the RDG family.

– Joe Kotulak, Architect

Prior to graduation, I knew I wanted to work for a design firm that had similar core values as I did. Although I have only been with RDG for a few months, it is easy to see that everyone cares about the people we work with as well as the work we create for our clients. I am so glad I was given the opportunity to join the RDG team and create meaning together.

– Sam Edmundson, Interior Designer

RDG provides me an opportunity to make a meaningful difference in communities. Working alongside an extremely talented group of people who are just as committed to the work as I am has enabled us to turn big ideas into reality.

– Cory Scott, Urban Planner

RDG works as an incubator for creative and entrepreneurial designers. There is no other organization I've been a part of that supports employees' passions and creates world-class projects for clients as much as RDG. This is a unique place that engages your strengths and allows room for exploration.

– Benjamin Kroll, Architect

What sets RDG apart is simple, our promise to Create. Meaning. Together. The mission here is as much about the employee as it is about the people we serve and the environments we design. At RDG, we focus on capabilities, rather than only looking at people's accomplishments. The firm understands that a large part of any design journey is the journey itself, and the RDG culture is one that celebrates individual talents and encourages everyone to use those talents to contribute a greater meaning. RDG is a forward-thinking company whose every investment reflects an investment in what the firm sees as its most important asset: its people.

– April Reinhardt, Architect

Though I'm not the only return employee, there's a joke in the office that I have the most "boomerangs" with the firm (I have worked at RDG three separate times since the mid '80s for a total of around 28 years). It's humorous, but it makes me consider why I and my fellow boomerang RDG'ers orbits have continued to circle around each other and the firm. I think it's because good people naturally seek one another out - whether it's fellow employees, or a client or consultant, people with similar expectations and inclinations continuously align orbits. And it's telling that so many good people have returned to RDG.

– Neil Bourne, Architect

I initially sought out RDG because I felt it was a well-run organization that appeared to value the work of designers and planners, partnering with clients and seeking out projects that seemed to reflect this appreciation. Once I officially joined the firm, I found there was so much more to be impressed by: RDG is an organization that challenges you to be your best self and values your strengths and what you bring to the table. Since day one, RDG has respected and encouraged my desire to do meaningful, value-based work that positively impacts the lives of underserved communities across the country.

– Greg Galbreath, Architect

What brought me to RDG was the opportunity for professional growth and the ability to be part of a team of people who value the same things I do. I could tell early on that RDG was full of supportive people who wanted to see each other excel. Then and now, I feel I not only fit in professionally, but am also personally inspired by the leaders around me each day.

– Lindsay Underwood, Interior Designer

My first interactions with RDG were through project collaborations as a contacting partner. Every experience I had working with the RDG design team was positive, and when an opportunity arose to come work for the firm, it was an easy decision. Many companies I've worked for talk about how much they value their people but, in my experience, RDG is the best at actually putting those words into action. The opportunities and support I've been given from a team of people who genuinely care about me make me excited to come to work.

– Matt Kortright, Construction Administrator

My introduction to RDG was through work on an Iowa Community Visioning project as a landscape architectural intern. RDG's caring, collaborative and encouraging environment was one that I felt could foster my growth, and I was heartened to see that this mindset showed up in interactions with the clients and the communities we serve. Five years later, thanks in large part to RDG's support, I am proud of the landscape architect I've become and excited about our future!

– Anne Machian, Landscape Architect

When I was solo-running a non-profit, RDG provided office space and a community I could be part of every day. As we began to collaborate on projects, I got to know the people that make the place so special. I feel very fortunate to be part of the RDG team, where we grow every day.

– Molly Hanson, Conservation and Community Outreach Specialist

In the series finale of Parks and Recreation, Leslie Knope urges a graduating class to "Find your team and get to work". I chose RDG because I liked the energy of the office; I stayed because I found my team. At RDG, we really do value the contribution of each member equally and believe each person has hand in delivery of successful projects to our clients.

– Holly Cacek, Project Coordinator

My time at RDG has been defined by opportunity. Since joining the firm in 2009, I've been offered opportunities to grow both personally and professionally, to work alongside those with unbelievable experience and skillsets and to pursue project types and interests that make the day-to-day very enjoyable. I am a learner by nature, but my experiences have also given me the opportunity to mentor others and begin this same process for them that I've been able to walk through!

– Brad Rodenburg, Architect