RDG's Iowa City Office is located right on the PedMall, in the heart of downtown Iowa City. The creative business spirit and inspiring atmosphere make an ideal environment for our designers and their work. Our team is focused on creating dynamic and vibrant spaces, places, and policies of lasting value.

Our mission to create meaning goes beyond our workplace. You can find our employees volunteering and supporting a variety of non-profit efforts across the city, state, and beyond. We encourage each of our employees to find something they believe in and apply their talents and skills to make it even better.

Working in an open, interactive space invites collaboration between coworkers and learning between disciplines. It's a creativity-rich atmosphere where casual critique and productive discussion are part of how we work every day—which ultimately improves the work we do for our clients.

  • 201 E Washington Street, Suite 201
  • Iowa City, IA 52240